Weekly News Round-Up (July 1, 2022)

Hidey-ho Race Fans, and welcome to another installment of writing-, publishing-, and book-related news and information from your friends (or friend) at the Butter Lamb Reference Library and Alternative Incite magazine.

As in installments past, I've rounded up another informative, intriguing, and engaging collection of news items, op-eds, and other fare penned to tickle, inform, and entertain your writing bone. I've been at this for a few months now, but I feel like batch of words is a particularly good one. (The last item about "Why I'm Not a Writer" is a particular gem.) But beyond that, it has occurred to me that, as the weeks go by, I'm building an impressive archive of writing-, publishing- and book-related news and resources for all of us to learn and benefit from. If you agree tell your friends!



How to Write a Memoir About Family Tragedy (That People Want to Read)

Clare Pooley on Writerly Perseverance and Knowing When To Give Up

On “Creative Cross-Training.” How Bartending Helped Me Write My Novel

Jason Mott on the Power of Routine, and Tackling Writer's Block by Writing Badly

Writing Resources



Why I Write: My Book Came Out and Nothing Happened

Writing a Book? Start Amplifying Your Personal Brand Now

[Sort of related to the previous item]

Nine Top Tips for Writing High-Quality Social Media Posts

One publisher called my book repellent’: the first self-published author up for the Miles Franklin

Interview with an Indie Press: Seagull Books

Self-publishing trend surges amid pandemic demand for new literature

The Top 5 Strategies for Promoting a Book on Social Media [Infographic]

Gen Y Speaks: I've spent large sums to self-publish 2 books. Though only a handful have been sold, I'm not giving up

Amazon's e-book return policy comes under criticism from authors


Baxter Black, Who Elevated Cowboy Poetry to Folk Art, Dies at 77

“Warnings Imply You Have a Choice.” Rebecca Solnit in Conversation with Margaret Atwood

When a Novel Re-imagines a Nation

Does Artificial Intelligence Really Have the Potential to Create Transformative Art?

The lost art of letter writing needs a revival

Why writing by hand needs to be revived

Why I Am Not a Writer

Weekly News Round-Up (June 24, 2022)

It's Friday, and while that means Robert Smith of the Cure is in love, for you and me it means it's time for yet another installment of The Underpublished's Weekly News Round-Up!

I know, maybe you really have been following along with me here in this space from the get go. That's fine. Maybe you're too busy and over-scheduled, and are a workaholic, and so on and so forth. That's fine too. I understand, I really, really do. But let me just tell you that there are some real gems in this week's list of articles. Of particular interest is the last item, which contains lines from rejection letters sent to famous writers. You simply must check it out.

Ok, that's enough flapping from me for now. As usual, I hope you enjoy this week's catch of writing, book business, and book-related news and, please, keep writing, publishing, and reading.



Marcy Dermansky on Revising Without Losing Your Mind

What Is Food Writing? 4 Critical Keys to Becoming a Food Writer

Here are the 7 tools that will make you a better writer

Ashley M. Coleman: On the Importance of Writing Rituals

Give Your Fictional Characters a Psych Eval

Why Failure is Necessary for Creative Growth


The book that tore publishing apart: 'Harm has been done, and now everyone’s afraid’

V.V. Ganeshananthan Dishes on Blurbs, Jacket Copy, Cover Art, and All the Dark Arts of Publishing a Book

Dorothy, a (Successful, Experimental) Publishing Project

DC Spotlight: An Eclectic Publishing Region


Binders Keepers Makes Eye-Popping Art from Old Books

Disturbing the Comfortable: On Writing Disability in Science Fiction\

June Gervais: On a Misfit Writing About Misfits

Leopold Bloom's Real-Life Model

The deracination of literature

Good God, I can't publish this…

Weekly News Round-Up (June 17, 2022)

Greetings and salutations loyal readers! That's a joke. I have no readers ... aside from my big bro, who sends me emails to let me know when I've let loose a typo. If I did have readers, though, they could look down and see yet another list of the latest writing advice and publishing- and book-related news that I have graciously harvested from the vines of Internet and served up on a digital platter for your consumption. Where's my thank you? Where's my REWARD? WHERE'S MY GOD-DAMNED PARADE?

But I digress. Please, please, please check out the following cache of news you writers, publishers, and book lovers can use from this week. Help me spread the word about this. Tell a friend! And, of course, if you're aware of a piece of news from this week that should be here but isn't, drop me a line and tell me, tell me, tell me.

 Until next time ....



Catherine Lloyd on Writing Historical Characters with Progressive Views

Tom Perrotta on How to Keep a Story's Momentum Going

Tips for Handling Pacing in a Thriller Novel

Either/Both: Considering Literature's Pervasive Motherhood/Creativity Divide

Sometimes You Have to Get Lost to Find What You Really Need to Write

Utilizing Your Personal and Emotional Journey as a Catalyst in Your Writing (From Script)

Tom Perrotta on How to Keep a Story's Momentum Going

10 Asian American writers on the best (and worst) advice they've ever received.

9 Ways To Insert Your Own Voice and Style Into Research-Based Nonfiction Writing


How James Patterson Became the World’s Best-Selling Author

TikTok Users Are Showing Readers How To Game Amazon’s Ebook Return Policy

Netflix for Book Discovery and Other Problems

Why this book startup is taking a page from Glossier and Allbirds


Fiona Barton: On Catching Someone in a Lie

All Tomorrow's Fables: How Do We Write About This Vanishing World?

Why Writing an Autobiography Is More Like Recording an Album Than Making a Single


Weekly News Round-Up (June 10, 2022)

"Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends, we’re so glad you could attend, come inside, come inside ...."
Okay, there's nothing to come inside of ... I was just in an E.L.P. kind of a mood. What I do have to offer, though, is another batch of writing-, publishing-, and book-related news items for you to dig into, chew on, mull over, and perhaps think about as we roll on down this path. 
As usual, if you're aware of any news items that I don't have in this list but should, lemme know. Until next time, enjoy -- and keep writing, publishing, reading, or doing whatever it is you do.
"There behind the glass is a real blade of grass. Be careful as you pass. Move along, move along...." 


Weekly News Round-Up (June 3, 2022)

Hello and welcome to your weekly heavy metal history lesson! No, wait ... that's the intro for the show Bloody Roots on Sirius XM channel 40 (Liquid Metal). Sorry. This is your weekly news round-up of articles and op-eds pertaining to writing, books, the book business, publishing, and whatever other book- or writing-related info I feel like tucking in there. 

As noted in previous posts, the aim here is to give writers and independent publishers and book-lovers (or all of the above) the info they need on the things they love. And as also noted in previous posts, if you're aware of a book or publishing or writing-related news item from the past week that's not in the list below, send it my way!


Madeline Kay Sneed: On Being Open to Constructive Feedback

Shop Talk: Lisa Unger on Waking Up Early, Carving Out Time, and Writing Longhand in the Target Parking Lot

David Yoon on How to Cultivate Creative Endurance

How to write like Edgar Allan Poe

Richard O’Rawe: On Enjoying the Writing Process

Sarah Sentilles on Writing about People You Know


How Amazon surrendered its war on bookshops

When Barbara Pym Couldn’t Get Published


“Deciding to Put My Writing Out There Has Changed My Life.” A Conversation with Jillian Luft

Wallace Stegner and the Trap of Using Other People’s Writing

The Paris Review - Writing Is a Monstrous Act: A Conversation with Hernan Diaz

Weekly News Round-Up (May 27, 2022)

Here it is, your batch of book-, publishing-, and writing-related news you can use for the week of May 27, 2022. Like every week, this journalistic pile comes to you courtesy of  Alternative Incite magazine and the Butter Lamb Reference Library

Once again, the goal here is to provide independent writers and publishers with news that they may indeed be able to use as they chart their course through the world of putting pen to paper and then putting it out there. 

As usual, if you feel that there's a piece of the independent writing and publishing puzzle that I'm missing here, drop me a line and let me know. I'm also interested in any relevant news items I may have missed, so send me links to those as well.

Have a good one, and keep writing/publishing.



Stephen King: The 'Craft' Of Writing Horror Stories

The Real Difference Between Content Writing and Copywriting

How I started writing for TV: The case against "fake it til you make it"

How to be a bestselling writer, according to prolific authors

Lessons in good writing from the love of a good dog

Christopher Nolan's 20 Tips for Writing Screenplays

6 Ways To Fight Your Inner Critics


US Book Show: How TikTok Is Transforming Book Marketing

Book banning laws inspire fireproof edition of Handmaid's Tale

Amazon Starts Monthly Book Club

Dorothy, a (Successful, Experimental) Publishing Project

Riddle Fence magazine launches imprint for debut authors


Can “Distraction-Free” Devices Change the Way We Write?

In Praise of the Unhappy Happy Ending

Marie Myung-Ok Lee on the Inevitable Slowness of Writing