Weekly News Round-Up (August 19, 2022)

Hello and welcome to the August 19, 2022 installment of the Underpublished's Weekly News Round-Up!

You know, I just mistakenly typed hello as "hellow" and now I'm wondering why we don't spell that word that way all the time. Anyway, as usual, we I have cobbled together a collection of pertinent and useful writing, publishing, and book- and/or literature-related articles for your (and my) edification and enjoyment. I hope you have as much fun reading them as I did finding and collecting them.


How I published a bestselling book at 23 without agent + best tips

7 Tips for Fictionalizing Real Historical Characters

How To Write and Research a Local History Book

Sidik Fofana on Crafting Distinct and Unforgettable Literary Voices

Roselle Lim: On Resting in the Writing Process

How a Teenager Found Her Writing Voice


Fast-Growing Independent Publishers, 2022

Filling the Void 

Is the consolidation of publishing houses good or bad for authors?

LinkedIn Pages Can Now Publish Newsletters 

Publishing startups want to use web3 and NFTs to sell shares in books


School librarians in Missouri pull books as new law allows charges for 'explicit' material

The great American novel according to Hunter S. Thompson

Are literary festivals doomed? Why book events need to change

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